Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Who's Shutting You Out?

ABC's 20/20 Program entitled "Privileged in America: Who's Shutting You Out" asked the wrong question and pointed the finger in the wrong direction. It changes nothing to encourage people to look at all the ways others are putting you down, shutting you out. It places blame on some system, some people group, some individual outside ourselves essentially handing power over our destiny to "them." Rather than stirring up our ire for all the ways we are suppressed, which only serves to reinforce or breed new prejudice, why not attempt to heal, reconcile, and empower us to move beyond the brokenness of this world in which we live?

The better question is the self-reflective one: "Who am I shutting out?"

We ALL have prejudices and biases that run in many, many directions and are derived from deep and unhealthy sources. A call to self-awareness, an inivitation to look critically at this internal brokenness within ourselves is what is more likely to bring change. As we see the ugliness in our lives and hearts and actions towards others, and as we hold ourselves accountable to act and think and be in new ways that are whole and healthy and reconciling then we will see wounds mended, systems transformed, and humans treating humans as, well, humans.


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