Tuesday, July 18, 2006

More from Hafiz

How true this is we long to keep God and the relationship we share to ourselves - for it is unique, a delight, precious. And yet it is not meant for ourselves alone for She is not a selfish lover. And so we share "our secret.'

"What The Hell"
Real love
I always keep a secret.
All my words
Are sund outside Her window,
For when She lets me in
I take a thousand oaths of silence.
Then She says,
O, then God says,
"What the hell, Hafiz,
Why not give the whole world

And what a delight, how refreshing, to imagine God speaking in such a bawdy fashion, or with such a femanine accent. God's gender, for Hafiz, shifts to align with the metaphor or story he is unfolding.

"God's Bucket"

If this world

Was not held in God's bucket

How could an ocean stand upside down

On its head and never lose a drop?

If your life was not contained in God's cup

How could you be so brave and laugh,

Dance in the face of death?

[Dear one]

There is a private chamber in the soul

That knows a great secret

Of which no tongue can speak.

Your existence, my dear, O love my dear,

Has been sealed and marked

"Too sacred," "too sacred," by the Beloved -

To ever end!

Indeed God

Has written a thousand promises

All over your heart

That say,

Life, life, life,

Is far too sacred to

Ever end.

"This Constant Yearning"

We are

Like lutes

Once held by God.

Being away from His warm body

Fully explains





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