Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jeans That Fit: A metaphor for life and ministry Movement Three

MOVEMENT THREE: Ripped vs. Ripped Off

Jeans that don’t fit constrict, feel uncomfortable, prevent freedom of movement, etc. Such discomfort can be ignored for a while, and is easily remedied at one’s convenience. Jeans that are ripped and full of holes are at worst, unattractive and better saved for doing chores, and at best, they serve as an excuse to go shopping. This is not the same as times when you feel as though your jeans have been ripped off you – where you feel exposed, vulnerable, or even in danger.

Sharing Our Own Stories With One Another:

Think of a time in your life when you have felt as if your jeans had been ripped off. Whether in a relationship, or career/ministry setting, etc., when have you felt unsafe, in danger, if you stayed where you were?
Briefly describe the situation, circumstances.
What are some words that best express how you were/are feeling?
Name some things that you did to get out of the situation. OR name the reasons why you chose to stay.
Name some things you did to feel safe again.
How effective were your efforts – in the short run? In the long run?
List the life lessons from this experience that could be helpful to you next time-
(Oh yes, there will be a next time.)
What other questions come to mind and how would you answer those questions?

Take a few minutes to capture in words or pictures the things you have learned about yourself and your current situation, etc. during this sharing time. What has your inner teacher
shown you?