Wednesday, April 19, 2006

g*d t*lk

The faith community I am guiding, "Sanctuary" is growing up. And I am 'busting my buttons' with pride. I inherited some gun-shy people from a failed church plant, and have been ever so patient and careful not to overwhelm them, or force them to move faster than they were ready. However, meeting twice monthly was getting to be 'not enough' for me and - I can't help it - creative ideas, dreams of what could be, visions of where we could go were just flowing in my spirit. So, after they had come back from an emergent cohort conversation totally inspired, I suggested that we try something similar in our own backyard. It just felt like it was time to try some of my creative dreamy things.

It felt scary to them at first. But the more they wrestled through their own fears, the more they started getting energized about it. Then they began applying some of what they have discovered about evangelism (see previous post) to develop a few guidelines: we are not doing this to recruit people, or convert them, or criticize them, or to convince them to change their thinking; we are not trying to make them join "Sanctuary;" we will buy the first pitchers of beer :) ; we will keep it real by being authentic ourselves (not hard for this very spiritual but unreligious group of mine); and so on.

We are all convinced that God is at work in the world. We have noticed that the less manipulative/directive our conversations with people are the more readily they share some of the ways they are noticing God's movement. And this from 'non-Christians!' So g*d t*lk, as we have come to call our community conversation is about creating space for people to notice, name, and celebrate God's activity. Each noticing, naming, celebrating, is like praises of thanks to God for these acts of love and grace and mercy and conviction and . . . .

In that same way, this post is a noticing, naming and celebrating of how God is acting to heal and grow the people of Sanctuary. That God would give them courage to try this 'risky venture" is nothing short of glorious!

g*d t*lk


may 2nd
7 pm

grand haven


  • This is encouraging. We are wrestling as a small community/staff with similar issues. We know God is calling us to depth and risk. To be honest, I am terrified. However, I am also excited.

    Jamie Arpin-Ricci

    By Blogger Jamie Arpin-Ricci, at 3:39 PM  

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